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Introducing RestEaze™

We're giving our users the power to improve the restfulness of their sleep. With an ankle worn monitor we analyze nightly leg movements, track sleep quality, position and arousal.

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RestEaze™ Research

Our mission at Tanzen Medical is to aid in the research, diagnosis and treatment of restless sleep and sleep related disorders, such as ADHD, RLS, PLMS and insomnia, through leg movement analysis. Our Research product realizes this vision by delivering the first in home solution for long-term monitoring of Leg Movements Sleep (LMS), Periodic LMS and LMS with Arousals.

Restful Sleep

Restlessness during sleep can be influenced by a variety of lifestyle and health related factors. Consistently restless sleep can lead to poor daily performance, and even health conditions such as heart disease and depression. By monitoring your sleep behaviour, you can identify areas for improvement, and increase our daily alertness, performance and health.

Sleep Position

Sleep positions affect more than just nightly comfort, they influence breathing/snoring, back and joint pain, heartburn and much more! While each position has its pros and cons, its important you find the position that optimizes both comfort and sleep quality. By monitoring your sleep position, you can identify bad sleep habits, and RestEaZe™ can help your train yourself to sleep better.

Sleep Suggestions

By monitoring sleep times, restfullness, arousals and other sleep metrics, RestEaZe™ can deliver helpful insights and suggestion. RestEaZe™ provides ways to improve your sleep to maximize your wake functioning. It provides sleep hygiene improvements tailored to your sleep patterns. RestEaZe™ can also deliver specialized cognitive behavioral therapy for significant insomnia (CBT-I).

Clinical Use

The RestEaze system provides an interface for physician use, as an aid for diagnosis of certain sleep related disorders. Sleep metrics, restfullness states and graphical depictions of leg movements during sleep are displayed over several nights. We hope our system can point patients in need toward professional diagnosis by identifying traits of certain disorders.