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The RestEaze Research band is designed to aid in the research, diagnosis and treatment of restless sleep and sleep related disorders, such as ADHD, RLS, PLMS and insomnia, through leg movement analysis. Using a combination of IMU and patented capacitive sensor data, we monitor and characterize leg movements during sleep (LMS) for investigation into sleep disorder and restlessness.

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Why Leg Movements?

Restless Sleep

Restless sleep represents a significant societal issue, affecting the health, productivity and quality of life for adults; behavior and learning ability for children; and cognitive decline in the elderly.


Cortical Arousal is an abrupt change in the pattern of brain wave activity. Arousals are disruptions which typically represents a shift between sleep state toward waking, or awakenings, and indicate poor or restless sleep.

Leg Movements Sleep

Leg movements during sleep are symptoms of several sleep related disorders, as well as indicators of cortical arousal (including micro-arousals).

Our Core Features

Synchronized Recording

Connect to a single device for monolateral recording, or two devices for syncronized bilateral recording.

Leg Movement Detection

Signal processing and machine learning algorithms work together to accurately label Leg Movements during Sleep (LMS).

PLM Classification

Periodic Leg Movements Sleep (PLMS) are scored per the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) standard.

Cortical Arousal Detection

Detection of Leg Movements assiciated with Cortical Arousal (including micro-arousals).

In-Bed and Sleep Time

Time-in-bed and sleep onset/offset times are determined through vertical position and general motion.

Restfullness Scoring

Nightly data is scored into periods of resfullness, restlessness and wake. Overall sleep scores are assigned.

Designed by sleep experts, for the sleep community

The RestEaze Research solution detects and tracks all of the metrics you need to research, monitor or assist in a diagnosis, for many sleep related disorders.

RestEaze Analytics include:

  • LMS, PLMS, Micro Arousal (Onset, Duration, Count, Rate)
  • Sleep Times (Time-In-Bed, Sleep Onset/Offset)
  • Awakenings (Time, Duration, Count, WASO)
  • Quality Metrics (Restful/Restless Durations, Sleep Quality, Sleep Efficiency)
  • *Sleep Position (Time in Position, Restfulness in Position)

* Coming Soon...

Why Choose RestEaze?

We provide an End-to-End solution for LMS, PLMS, Arousal and Sleep Quality analysis.

Multi-Sensor Ankle Band

Each RestEaze ankle worn monitor contains a 9-axis IMU and patented capacitive sensor array, used to accurately detect and characterize motion of the legs and feet. Data can be streamed from the device in real-time, or stored locally for later wireless offloading.

Mobile Application

The RestEaze mobile app (currently available for Android, coming soon to iOS) received and stores raw sensor data, which is saved to local device files (.csv) or uploaded to the Tanzen Medical server for storage. Visualizations for nightly sleep data are available, and sleep hygiene suggestions are coming soon!

Web Backend

Tanzen Med's backend server stores, and makes available for download, raw data as well as the output from our analytics, which are run at the end of each nights recording. Users can view their Dashboard to see their nightly and aggregated statistics. Administrative users can view phyisician oriented plots and statistiscs for each of their subjects.

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  • 1 x RestEaze Wearable Band
  • 1 x Year of Technical Support
  • 1 x Year of Raw Data Storage

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$35 (USD) per RestEaze™ device.